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I’m a video game sound designer based near Edinburgh, Scotland with a love for all things video games, film & musicI'm a massive fan of genre media and open to projects of all kinds. I love to draw from multiple influences across different genres and find reward in executing specific styles of sound while demonstrating the importance of tone, tension and pacing


Alan Wake II - Re-designWith this clip, I wanted to test my application of dynamics, tone and tension. I'm really pleased with the outcome!

Ue5 - Metasound Audio BeaconI accidentally stumbled upon the basics of what can be used as a 'beacon' in-game for those who are partially sighted and thought to showcase the basic patch here

Reaper Script - Text Adventurethis is a ReaScript that acts as a spreadsheet reader with community-submitted prompts, but upon 50th execution slips into a text-adventure game. this is a video play-through of that game

Wwise Skateboarding Sim PrototypeI've built a prototype audio system based on a Skateboard sim/game. This was an idea that I wanted to flesh out and I'm excited to share some of the ideas here!

{AnimeAttackPackv1.0} - BreakdownI crafted a small library of sounds that were inspired by 80's & 90's anime. Here's how I created some of them!

Unreal Engine 5 ExperimentationRecently I've been testing some audio features with UE5's native audio system. Here's a short clip of some PSX style footsteps, ambience, 'fake' occlusion using a switch and a reverb zone

{AnimeAttackPackv1.0} - Promo videoTo promote the anime-inspired SFX pack, here's some quick re-designs I put together to showcase what it covers

Silent Hill 2 (2001) Re-DesignThis is a quick experiment in mood and tone for one of the most widely appraised horror titles of all time. Despite its simplicity, this was fun to put together

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